She has that sparkle every person is looking [for] when reading something. She completely changed our website to be more appealing for our travelers

She responded to the email really fast and understood we’re on a deadline. Also, she’s really creative and pro-active with the translations and writing-style. Love working with this amazing girl.

She’s really open to adjust and adapt to your tastes and preferences.

We’d love to work with her in the future.

Lucía Hernández, Founder, Entrecampos Travel

“Annie is in charge of the creation and correction of content in English for Uarjola’s social networks. Her way of working is efficient, fast, and creative, without neglecting a single detail.

It’s a pleasure to participate on projects with Annie, she’s always open to new challenges.”

Agostina Albamonte, Founder, Uarjola.com

“Annie has a remarkable ability to communicate her ideas and the logistics behind a project in a way that makes sense and can be planned off of. [She] is open to feedback and always excited to cater her writing to what is needed for the project at hand. Annie has a rare mix of talent and reliability. A professional through and through.”

Adam Corl, Lifestyle Editor, The Bubble